Blog 76: It Is Always Good To Be Underestimated -Donald J Trump.

I don’t normally blog about sports but what happened in British boxing over the weekend is not only an eye opener but goes to confirm what I have been saying about hard work beats talent and skill any day, when talent and skill don’t work hard.

As with boxing bout comes the trash talking, I quite enjoy the disrespectful comments made at each other prior to the fights. It sells tickets and rakes in a lot of cash on PPV and advertising plus the atmosphere gets really tense and the hunger for many to see the match is palpable. 

There some trash talking boxers I don’t like and some I ‘hate’.

What I do not like is the trash talking boxers that don’t back it up in the ring although you can’t blame them for boosting their pre match morale. The training is rigorous and at the end of the day you don’t want to go through those punishing workout to lose. 

The ones I ‘hate’ do all the talking and instead of getting ready for the fight they are busy on the red carpet or anywhere there are flashing lights. This brought the downfall of Mike Tyson, I saw it in Rhonda Rousey and just over the weekend David Haye fell for the same mistake. I followed this fight all the way and I knew there was no way in hell Haye would defeat Bellew because Haye was either on a boat sipping on a drink, On the red carpet in a fashion award show or partying with Jamie Foxx, he underestimated his opponent so much that when asked why he wasn’t getting prepared on one of the red carpets he said Bellew needed more gym time because he (Bellew) was fat.


If Haye had trained hard enough for that fight he would have won but he was so relaxed that a reporter asked on his boat in Miami (his training camp) what he hoped to achieve at the 02 arena where the bout was schedule, his trainer jumped in to say they are looking past Bellew as an opponent, their focus on the next fight.


This is the haughty attitude displayed by team Haye, although we wish him a speedy recovery on his Achilles injury but as David said himself Tony Bellew deserves that win. He had worked hard and I wish him many more success to come. 

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