Blog 76: It’s About Time Someone Did Something About Chicago’s Murder Rate.

The Murder rate In Chicago ( or Chiraq as it is colloquially known in the streets) is at an alarming rate and the video below which is soon to be viral is just another example to show that Windy City desperately needs help.

I don’t know when the black community in Chicago would realise that the police or some if I were to be reasonably fair are nonchalant about the wellbeing and murder rate in the African American neighbourhood.

Four black teenagers were shot dead in this brother’s shop recently and the police were allegedly reckless with the evidence and to make matters worse law enforcement left the shop owner to clean off the pool of blood with a mop and bucket.

If black people especially the youths don’t learn to take responsibility for themselves by trying to be as productive as they can be then this should serve as a wake up call. Senseless killings should not be tolerated.

Anyone could be a victim to this and that’s you and me included because of the four teens dead two of them were innocent customers.

I don’t know much details as to what caused this fatal shooting but knowing the cause is not necessary at this point because if Black Lives really matter then Black Lives should be preserved starting with us the Black Lives community.

As you can see that waiting for system to help fix our community is failing, we need to fix it ourselves starting with putting down the guns.

Your thoughts.

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