Blog 76: Just Because Someone Birthed You Don’t Mean She Did You a Favour.

This story is a sad case for people of colour. Why did I use her to represent us as a race? Well, It is what it is. It is hard enough been black and sisters like Shunquail Fellows make matters worse on how we are perceived.

Black women complain about black men setting bad examples by not owning up to their parental responsibility, the video above from the 1:58 mark explains why.

The reasons for the shortage of responsible male role models is in the hands of their guardian and in this case, the mother.

Four children at the young age of 24 is not what I would wish for my daughter if I had one and teaching your child as young as six years old to do the #4thatPussy challenge is by far one of the most irresponsible thing I have seen from an adult.

I suppose people will do anything to go viral but I also think there should be a line in your quest to be an overnight celebrity that calls for consequences if crossed.


In the emasculated society that we live in today, it is clear that most black women may be able to provide for their sons but they can’t raise the boy to be a man let alone teaching him at an early age to disrespect women. That speaks volume.


Your thought.


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