Blog 76: Manchester Attack, 22 Dead 119 Injured.

It is now evident that the incident last night in Manchester, England was an act of terrorism but what we don’t know is if the attack was carried out by muslim terrorist. If my fears were confirmed, then I will like to see more affirmative action from my muslim brothers and sisters because people are starting to think President Trump was right in the first place.

What do I mean by affirmative action?

I have discussed this in my previous blog, there has never been a time that I have seen when a criminal disguised as muslim carried out senseless killings and the muslim community come together as one to launch a protest denouncing perpetrators.

The most I have seen from the community is groups of muslims here and there with printed shirts of I Am Muslim, Ask Me Anything.

With the level of global terrorism, do you honestly think family, friends and sympathisers of victims are in the mood to ask you anything?

What is needed is a full march from muslims all over the world. A march so big that it will be covered by all major news network. A march so big that its message will be clear to those using Islam as a ruse to commit senseless murder to desist. 

Will this march stop terrorism? Absolutely not, but muslims all over the world have to be seen doing something major about these killings that is demoralizing the reputation of such a great religion.

How is the reputation of islam been dragged into terrorism?

Simple. The last time I checked the dictionary terrorism simple means to inflict terror, to cause fear. These days when you hear the word terrorism the first thing that subconsciously comes to people’s mind is ISLAM or MUSLIM. 

This shouldn’t be the case, something urgently has to be done.

Some may argue that it is the media feeding exaggerated narratives at best. While that is somewhat true, it is also true that after most bombings have occurred, the culprits are divulged to have muslim names.

Unless these names are made up, it is hard to convince people that the media is making a mountain out of a molehill.

There have been march where some muslims are seen in the crowd but I want to see a well orchestrated one from the Islamic community.

For me I understand Islam as a religion of peace because I was born there, but to those who don’t they paint all muslims with one brush.

Harsh but it is true.

A strong muslim march in protest of these senseless killings just might help the naysayers think differently.

First you need a leader like Al Sharpton in our black community. Dr Zakir Naik is who I can think of. He is an intelligent brother and some his teachings I listen to although I am christian.

The thought of young innocent kids telling their family and friends they are going to see a concert only for them to lose their lives in the process is heart wrenching.

Some would argue, what about the killing in Syria committed by the western allies? 

While one of the hadiths clearly states “Do not kill any child, any woman, or any elderly or sick person.” (Sunan Abu Dawud), we also have to bear in mind what the hadith says about forgiveness.

One innocent life taken is a community lost. Those young men and women did not deserve what happen to them and their relatives last night at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England.

Our heart goes out to their family.

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