Blog 76: Mayweather Vs McGregor: Too Much Money Involved.

As a huge boxing fan I am wondering if the sport is adulterated and awash by media hype to generate nothing more than the bottom line by any means necessary to the point where an MMA fighter without any boxing experience is billed to take on arguably The Best Ever at his own sport.

As the fight date looms closer, it is suffice to assume that this may be the highest paid sport’s pay day for a 36 minutes bout which will easily eclipse Mayweather vs Pacquiao 2015 match that saw revenue exceeding $500m with ‘Money’ Mayweather taking home at least half of the cake.

An astute business man I must admit, Floyd Mayweather sure knows how to bring home the bacon and in the process watering down the sport.

By this I mean Floyd had options to choose from bunch of talented pugilists to fight but for some reason he chose someone without any boxing experience knowing full well his clean 49-0 record is at risk if by some miracle Conor Mcgregor pulls the biggest upset in boxing history.

This proves to me it is not about the sport, this has everything to do with the vast revenue that will be generated should this bout go ahead which is almost inevitable.

The funny part is how they used the fake rivalry in the media to bamboozle the audience to cough up in anticipation of this fight which to be honest is working because I can not wait to see it.

So what are Conor’s chances going head to head with the most defensive fighter ever in the history of boxing?

Conor Mcgregor can do what most experienced boxers have tried and failed to accomplish over the last 20years which is to crack the ‘MayVinci Code’ on how to defeat Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

I truly believe he can because of his age (28 years to Mayweather’s 40), his punching ability, his height which gives him a range advantage but his downfall will ultimately be the same that brought down Ronda Rousey and Manny Pacquiao; his success and media hype is getting to his head.

Floyd Mayweather is 49-0 for a reason which Conor seem to have ignored because he knows he has the above qualities and the media especially Dana White keeps reminding him of his age and reach which seem to have gotten the best of him.


He is all over the media doing interviews and enjoying the unprecedented level of stardom the name Mayweather brings which Conor wouldn’t have envisaged been an MMA fighter and what he fails to understand is Mayweather is not new to that level of celebrity, Mcgregor is and could very easily bask in the attention which can be his Achilles heel.

The most evident sign is how Conor is already predicting how the fight will finish against the best pound for pound when he doesn’t even have any experience which indicates he is either foolish (which I don’t think) or he is just fame drunk. Some may call it self confidence.

His underestimation of Floyd just might cost him dearly.

Your thoughts.

Author: FR76

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