Blog 76: Meryl Streep’s Life Time Achievement Award Acceptance Speech

Eloquent Speech But Hypocritical At Its Finest

Congratulations to the very talented Meryl Streep and I must confess no one is more deserving of the life time achievement award than her considering her impact and the years she has given the industry but I find her acceptance speech divisive, just as bad as Trump’s

It is so easy to blame the bad guy, just as it is easy to blame the devil for any blunders in our lives. When a husband gets caught cheating, it is the ‘Devil’ , I can sit all day and give mountain of examples but to be fair I am sure the ‘Devil’  (if you believe in religion and conspiracy theory) is probably sitting on his throne in Hell saying, what have I done this time round anytime he is blamed for something?

In reality we should learn to take responsibility for our actions. Has Trump been a douche bag running his mouth prior to the election? Yes! Honestly, if I were American before the election I would easily have voted for Hilary because I didn’t see how Trump would have won. Hilary was more experienced and articulate, Trump no experience and brash talking, that was a no-brainer, you didn’t need a rocket scientist to tell you it was a one way ticket for Mrs Clinton right?


Trump didn’t just defeat Clinton, he brash talked his way to defeating her mercilessly which resulted in the greatest shocking moment of all time to all and sundry even to Mr Trump, now people like Meryl Streep is hating and jealous, not respecting the people’s decision to choose Trump over Clinton.

I am a believer of freedom of speech and everyone is entitled to their opinion but what was the point of Meryl Streep bringing Trump into her speech days from his inauguration? What does she want to achieve? Why bring up something that happened months ago? Why can’t we just learn to deal with it? Why can’t we just come together and help Mr Trump ‘Make America Great Again’?

This was the same lady that defended the alleged child rapist Roman Polanski? Now She is here crucifying Trump.

I honestly think the November election was more about a woman president than the democracy of a nation, the fact that Hilary didn’t make the white house had a lot of people especially females peeved which I understand and respect but this is going to far.

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