Blog 76: Moral Of This Story- Never Approach the Person Your Partner is Having an Affair with.

The one thing that my father told me that still resonates to this day is “The easiest and the quickest way to get a man killed is by having an affair with another man’s wife”. Perhaps the sage’s advice applies to women too.Of everything he told me that one in particular stuck. Maybe he had a near death experience I don’t know but if he did and lived to impart his words of wisdom, Karen Turner didn’t.

How this very beautiful specimen of a woman with aesthetics and business acumen to die for had her life cut short over a man that she is not even married to is beyond me.


What happened was businesswoman Turner from Richmond Virginia, heard that her boyfriend got another woman pregnant and decided to stupidly confront the woman her boyfriend was having an affair with.

What was even harder to believe was Ms Turner went to the pregnant lady’s apartment where she was shot and killed instantly.

The pregnant woman said she killed her in an alleged self defense, with the US ‘Stand Your Ground Laws’ which Virgina practice, the shooter has a 95% chance of not doing any prison sentence because Ms Turner showed up at her home. Her self defense claim is perfectly justified.

Ms Turner (right), a self proclaimed ‘Boss Lady’ was only 33 years old and she is survived by a son.

What made this story very sad was the fact that she had everything going for her, her businesses were thriving and she drove a Mercedes E350.

Why lose your life over a man who will most probably be with the woman he impregnated, her death will only expedite the reason she was murdered.

NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

Our thoughts are with her son and family.

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