Blog 76: Most Times We Don’t Appreciate The Simple Things.

We Really Don’t.

When I read this story and decided to write about it, honestly I had mixed feelings of anger towards the parents reproducing offspring in dire circumstances and sympathy knowing full well life couldn’t get any tougher for anyone who would have to go through this.

This is a Syrian family leaving in Turkey faced with the Sisyphean task of raising four severely disabled children. Such situation could very well happen to anyone I thought but the moral of this story is we should learn to be grateful for the simple things in life especially health.

We wake up everyday in pursuit of the mundane things in life when there’s someone somewhere who can’t walk, we hear everyday when people say stupid phrases like ‘I hate my job‘ when there’s somebody out there that will kill to have a job with lesser pay with more humbling tasks than yours.

One of the greatest inspirations I know is a highway janitor. His job description is to sweep the streets, everyday I go to work this is man always on his headphones doing his job with the utmost pride I might add, He would raise his head to say ‘Good Morning‘ with a smile. Rain, Sun, Sleet or Snow he is always about his business meanwhile at work I see managers of departments closer to six figures yearly pay complaining about their job.

Sometimes what we take for granted can be mind numbing especially for those of us in the privilege part of the the world where human rights and well being are observed. We depend so much on the government for assistance like subsidized housing where rent is three times lower than you would normally pay in the current market, the government most times cover the whole cost for family that supposedly ‘still’ can’t afford the low rent. 

The annoying part is when the government offer these free accommodation to families that can’t afford to pay rent in the first place, they refuse what is been offered to them because it is not ‘up to the standard they want’ and if the government can’t provide adequate free housing to meet their needs the disgruntled citizen sue based on their human rights been infringed.

Really? Who say beggars aren’t choosers?

When there are people in impoverished parts of the world that live in tin roofed make shift housing with there families, you refuse an all paid for apartment because ‘you want to live close to your friends’ or because ‘you want three bedrooms for your three kids’.

These are some of the sort of insatiable and ungrateful attitude we sometimes exude as humans, we should stop for a second to think just maybe some people have it a lot worse and just be grateful for what is before us.

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