Blog 76: Mother Of the Child in H & M Row Speaks… ‘Ignorantly’.

Someone once told me it is not about what we do or say but how it is perceived hence before anyone speak, you must make sure to define very clearly the  interpretation of your words as well as its intent because there’s no coming back from a negative perception.

Most of you may not have been familiar with this story so to bring you up to speed; H&M placed an advert on billboard with a young boy of african descent wearing a hoodie with the words ‘coolest monkey in the jungle‘ boldly emblazoned.

This sparked outrage from all over the world and the kid found instant fame with Sean ‘P. Diddy’ Combs in talks to sign the boy as the face of his Sean John boys brand for a reported $1 million.

Every black celebrity and whites alike chimed in on how disrespectful (or ignorant) H&M were because if anything they should have known better.

LeBron James called dubbed him the  KING OF THE WORLD.

Yesterday, Terry Mango, of Stockholm, Sweden, spoke out after the retailer faced accusations of racism over an image of her son Liam, five, wearing the jumper and like I expected, her words could not get any more ignorant.

She took to twitter thinking she was been articulate in pacifying the angry black community.

‘Stop Crying Wolf’ she said, that’s the part that got to me. I keep telling everyone from my community to read a history book or two. Even if it is just any book that has nothing to do with religion as you can tell, she had no idea the connotation of what those words meant. Neither did the young H&M staffers who perhaps did not know that Hugo Boss was Adolf Hitler’s personal tailor.

Maybe she knew and overlooked it because of the little change she is been paid for her son’s services.

I will like to know where the boy’s father was in all of this?

H&M didn’t mean to cause any racial uproar, that much is true but it is not what you say but how it is perceived and if I were Puff she might as well kiss the million dollars goodbye.

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