Blog 76: ‘Niggatory’- The Reaffirmation Of Negative Stereotypes In Our Society

Enough Of The Buffoonery

According to Forbes’ rich list, December 2015 shows there are officially¬†¬†1,826 billionaires in the world and only 11 of them are black like me.

Blacks are only about 0.61% of the wealthiest people in the world, that tells me we have a lot more work to do and by that I mean focusing on getting more black billionaires in that top tier to give back to our impoverished and heavily deprived community in a major way, what puzzles me is the few black multi millionaires that are in the right path to achieving that goal are rather ‘Cooning’ lavishly on social media.

In the eyes of the misanthropes of this world, regardless of how wealthy we are as black people, we are a cesspool of abysmal filth for absolutely no reason other than been black hence reaffirming these negative stereotypes only confirms their suspicion. It is not that flaunting your wealth on I.G makes you stupid, It makes you look stupid.

A young 39 year old black man like Floyd Mayweather who literally controlled the business of boxing with no corporate sponsor and paid himself $300m for 30 minutes work is very, very, very far from been labelled stupid, he is an astute business man that will make Bill Gates take note but it is what he does with the proceeds. Spending it however you want, you earned it but rubbing it in on any platform available to you leaves a bitter taste.

Believe it or not kids gravitate or learn more by what they see especially when it comes from their super star idol hence these stars have a responsibility to set good precedence in public.

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