Blog 76: Of All Strategies, Knowing When to Quit May Be The Best. -Chinese Proverb

On August 26th 2017, I believe Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather will claim victory over Conor McGregor in what is billed as ‘The Money Fight’. You would hope that audience are paying to be entertained on the night but in truth, the majority are forking out top dollar to see Money lose.

I wouldn’t blame them for wanting to be part of a milestone if by some miracle Conor happen to do the unthinkable, if anything I blame Mayweather.

Sometimes it is not about the money. Your legacy especially one that is unblemished as Money Mayweather’s is worth more than any price tag.

Wladimir Klitschko is an exemplar of a true sportsman who has garnered respect and amassed vast wealth in his career that is nowhere near what Floyd made in one fight, but as Seth Godin said;

“Winners quit all the time, they just quit the right stuff at the right time”

Klitschko stood to make more millions for his rematch with Anthony Joshua but he knew that at the age of 41, there’s no need to run around the ring with a 28 year old in a sport as physical as boxing even if he has the experience and capability to win. 

This is almost the same age difference between Floyd (40) and Conor (29). Sportsmen competing past their prime is not always a good thing as we have all seen on many occasion,  Ali ‘the Greatest’ comes to mind.

Although I believe this is easy money for Money, there’s always a chance of something going wrong on fight night and if Conor by some miracle comes out victorious, it is not only Money’s 20+ years accomplishments that will be demeaned, the previous boxing opponents of Mayweather and the sport in its entirety will be ridiculed.

First of all Mayweather is black, in America and many parts of the world he is hated by just been who he is, black. Then he is a talented boxer who is close to becoming a billionaire with zero sponsorship, alleged history of women abuse and round it off, he is unapologetic about been rich and not afraid to show it.

You honestly think the white audience e.g. Mark Wahlberg

and some black audience e.g Idris Elba and Mike Tyson

want to see Mayweather win?

I might be wrong but the proof is in the pudding, the same braggadocious antics they hate about Floyd in the first place is what they love about Conor. They see nothing wrong with it.

Author: FR76

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