Blog 76: Ownership- Ease is a Greater Threat to Progress than Hardship.

If you truly want to succeed in anything you do, you must do your best to own whatever you are doing or into. Whether it is your job, your house or your life, you must set a goal to own it if you haven’t done so already.

Sad but true to learn that even your life in some cases can be owned by others especially corporations. You wouldn’t not dare do anything with your birth name or body for remuneration until it is agreed by the people who ‘own’ you.

Your favorite celebrities mostly fall victim of such regulation due to the types of contracts signed.

If you don’t own where you work, nine times out of ten you are been used as a vessel to build someone else’s dream or vision except in charitable circumstances.

They embed in us the bright side of cashing in what I call a Ponzi scheme when you turn 70, the system calls it a pension.

How many people truly live up to 70 years these days, even if it is true that we are fortunate to see the age of a septuagenarian, you are perhaps too tired and beat up to enjoy ‘the pension’ given that you are hale and hearty to do so in the first place.

The best suitable example for this will be paying your rent for the accommodation you occupy. If you are a tenant all you are doing is paying off the landlord’s home and putting some money in his or her pocket.

Is it easy to an owner? Absolutely not because the responsibility and accountability is on you but making it a goal  to own it somehow is what makes the difference, even if it is a shared. Ownership is the only way you can be truly successful in every facet of life.

Ownership on moral grounds is also very important. This means been accountable for what you say you are going to do, it is called integrity.

Lack of ownership is an easy route for someone else to take responsibility for one’s action which some people are quite comfortable with as long as the bulk does not stop with them.

The more people or organisations are accountable for you, the more the control they have over you, The most common example is at our place of work. As long as the boss pays your salary, you do as asked, in some cases you do as you are told.

Ownership also means commitment, the one thing that scares a lot of people including myself at times. Denzel Washington says it best in the clip below.

This is the utmost deal breaker that proves if you are built to last. If you are not committed and consistent you will never own anything worthwhile in life.

Ownership = Responsibility + Accountability + Commitment + Consistency.

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