Blog 76: Part 1-Some Songs Should Have Been Left Untouched.

U Can’t Kill It? Leave It!

The most sampled and covered artiste to ever walk this earth is none other than the Godfather Of Soul, James Brown.

In 2007 it was revealed by Who Sampled that his songs (especially The Funky Drummer) have been used 1 million times by other artistes who paid royalty fees to the Godfather.

This method of clearing sample and cover usage is rife in music industry, besides giving the authority to use other artistes’ intellectual property, the question is what did you do with the opportunity given? Did you do justice to the song or you made a hot mess of it?

Before taking you down this music journey, we will give you two examples of how you ‘murder’ a cover or sample song that would make the owner proud or jealous :


1978 Classic by Smokey Robinson, remade in 1995 by D’Angelo.   

                    I’ll Always Love You

1974 Classic by Dolly Parton, eclipsed by Whitney Houston in 1992.

  Now that we have a bar  to measure our list let’s get right to it.

    Say It

I love Tory but there’re certain things that are better left untouched. In 1995 Brownstone  unleashed this monster hit on Michael Jackson’s MJJ records. In 2015 Canadian Tory Lanez did his best to remake/remix the song, to me it was okay but no where near the original.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

In 1967 Frankie Valli dropped this smooth classic ballad and Lauryn Hill a.k.a L-Boogie showed just how you pay homage to a legend in her 1998 (20 million copies sold) Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill, this is exactly how to cover a song, hitting every note with a Hip Hop flavour.

Fall In Love With You Again


Written for the King Of Pop by Robin Thicke in 1999 but Michael Jackson got ‘owned’ on his track. No disrespect to the greatest entertainer to ever live but somethings are not meant to be. This is Glen’s, He Got This! His 2002 remake totally eclipse the original.

Endless Love


There should be a law against remaking a masterpiece , Luther Vandross and Mariah Carey’s version should have served jail time. okay, I exaggerated a little. Luther’s 1994 version wasn’t that bad,  but as I said you can’t remake or recreate Mona Lisa. The 1981 version should stay the way it is.

What You Won’t Do For Love

Wanya, Shawn, Michael & Nathan (Boyz II Men) please do us a favour and stop tampering with greatness. Boyz II Men have blessed us with hits over the years but this one was out of their league. Bobby Caldwell released this beast in 1978 except for 2pac who did an excellent sample of this classic in 1998, very few tried and they all failed.

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