Blog 76: Part 2- Some Of The Dumbest Things People Do….

…Will Make You Cringe

Welcome back to the second part of stories that really supports the old saying ‘the truth is stranger than fiction‘. What some people get up sometimes will make you question their sanity and when there are adults involved in things a ten year old wouldn’t do, the matter exacerbates.

Serena Williams

It is true when they say ‘we may be living in the same planet but not the same world’. Some people’s dog live a much better life than some humans but the fact still remains they are what they are, pets! They are different to humans in every way imaginable which includes the food we consume.  

In May of 2016 one of the greatest athletes of all time decided to eat the meal of her Yorkshire Terrier dog that was freshly made by a chef at her plush Italian hotel and you can imagine what the consequences of her decision was. I don’t know what made her think it was cool to do so but when you know better you are expected to do better. It’s not like Ms Williams is that broke to the point where she couldn’t afford a meal but in this case curiosity did kill the cat.

Vinny Ohh

A 22 year old makeup artiste from california has plans of becoming the first genderless alien which will cost over $170,000 and so far he is half way through removing his nipples, genitals and belly buttons. If this is not a mentally deranged young man then I don’t know what is or perhaps it’s me who is not able to comprehend his thought process.

I don’t know why surgeons think they can do whatever as long they are paid to but there must be a law in the US constitution which prohibits gender disfiguration, if not they need to look at implementing one.

BP Wedding Ceremony NZ


I have attended numerous weddings in my lifetime but this is certainly something new. Using the word ‘casual’ in reference to this wedding will be an understatement and judging from the couple’s ceremony you could very easily tell what sort of children they will raise, the type I wouldn’t want mine to be associated with that’s for sure.

 Marie Holmes

It does not get any more senseless than the $188,000,000 lottery winner in 2015. This is without a doubt a life changing money but as history have shown us that if you are not careful, it is very easily to blow through those figures with time.

After Taxes Ms Holmes walked away with $94,000,000 and within a year of her winnings she spend $20,000,000 bailing her convicted felon boyfriend Lamar ‘Hot Sauce’ Mcdow from jail. I have absolutely no idea the sort of charm this man has on her but my advise it to drop him like a hot potato because at that rate of spending she has four years maximum.

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