Blog 76: Part 2-Some Songs Should Have Been Left Untouched

You Can’t Do A Good Job? Let It Go.

There’s a reason why The Beatles hold the record for the biggest selling group of all time. The sheer genius in Paul, Ringo, George and John catapulted the English ‘boy’ band into levels unpaired by their rivals despite only being together as a group for only 10 years (1960-1970).

57 years later artistes from all genre use their songs as samples and most times do a full cover. So while we delve into comparing how some musicians have fared in paying tribute, we will like to remind all that if you can’t pay a proper tribute to artistes of their caliber,  we suggest you live you Let It Be.



A very good effort by Boy II Men from their 1994 hit album II, in fact it is the best remake out there in my opinion but we don’t think it has the uniqueness of the 1965 original, we give the four men from Philly a nod on this one.

Buffalo Soldier


There should be a warrant for Vanilla Ice’s arrest for this one. First of all you do NOT cover anything by Bob Marley, it is a work of art that should be preserved and to do a terrible job at it is a criminal offence.

I Wanna Do Something Freaky To You


Well, we can’t deny the fact that one of the greatest producers of all time, Dr Dre, turned Leon Haywood’s 1975 classic into something to be proud of in 1992. He didn’t only introduced the legendary Snoop Dogg to the world, he did an exceptional sample of the first 2 minutes of the original.



My favourite Sting’s song to date, did Al B. Sure pull it off? This is a little hard to say because I like Al’s 2009 Honey I’m Home album, as a body of work the album is quite good from start to finish but to compare it with the 1987 original I would have to say no. There’s no comparison but if Al were to be the original singer in 2009 then I would give it a great track.

Try A Little Tenderness


I will give it to Chris Brown, not every artiste could give a good rendition of this beast of a track.  It is a very hard track to cover especially trying to stutter the way Otis Redding did in 1966. He didn’t quite measure up to the great Redding but he gave it his all.

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