Blog 76: Part 3-Some Songs Should Have Been Left Untouched.

If You Can’t Do It Right,  Let It Slide!

Michael Jackson was the greatest entertainer to have walked this earth, selling over 1 billion records and holding the most Grammy awards ever received in one night for the album Thriller. It is suffice to say he left an indelible mark in the world of music which no one can argue and only a handful can compare even to this present day, 7 years after his demise.

His work has been sampled numerous times by different artistes, given his achievements and accolades it’s fair to say If you can’t do it right, just let it slide before you make a mess of his art and that of legends of his calibre.

I Wanna Be Where You Are


Michael Jackson released this song at the young age of 13 in 1972 with an impeccable vocal range for a kid barely in his teens. One of the true indications of respect and greatness in this industry is when an elder ask for permission to cover child’s music, that is what the legendary 71 year old Puerto Rican singer songwriter Jose Feliciano Garcia did and he ‘nailed’ the track mature style with a Latin soul twist. This Is how you show respect to art.

Let’s Get It On


This is the type of disrespect I am talking about. This is not parody, it is a hit in the far east and used in the soundtrack of Sacha Baron Cohen’s hit move The Dictator. The Arabic version of the 1972 classic by Marvin Gaye is terrible to say the least and Amer Mohamed should be ashamed of himself.

Pastime Paradise/Gangsta Paradise


If you claim to be a music fan and you don’t have Steve Wonder’s 1976 Songs In The Key Of Life in your collection then I don’t want to see or hear of it because your collection is not complete.  Track 8 of the album is called Pastime Paradise, It has an eerie feel and talks about the evils of the world in the direction of the Illuminati. Coolio used this track in 1995 and introduced it to the newer audience and took what I call a classic work of art to levels unseen in the rap/Hip Hop world since MC Hammer’s 1990 hit Please Don’t Hurt ‘Em



I repeat If you don’t  have Steve Wonder’s Songs In The Key Of Life you maybe a music fan but not a music connoisseur. Track 6 of CD 2 is a song titled As, In 1999 the late George Michael and the queen of Hip Hop soul Mary J Blige showed just how you beautifully cover a song that will make the original creator proud.

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