Blog 76: Part 4-Some Songs Should Have Been Left Untouched.

You Can’t Do It, Leave It.

Prince is one of the greatest musicians of all time and the first black artiste to win both the Grammy and Oscar in the same year, 1985 to be exact. Purple Rain is unequivocally one of the best albums in musical history period, as such it can be flattering when homage is paid to his or any of the greats’ masterpieces in the form of a remake or sample but was it done properly or was it a smear to art?


Nothing Compares 2 U


In 1990 Sinéad Marie Bernadette O’Connor known simply as Sinéad O’Connor released a song called Nothing Compares 2 U which eventually turned out to be the third best selling song of that year. Since we didn’t have any internet back in the day the only way you could really know who was behind the song is to wait to buy the cassette tape and if you were rich you get the vinyl. In the sleeve there goes  the fine prints, It was all PRINCE and Sinéad did justice to the song as expected from the Irish lass.

 Many Rivers To Cross


Really Cher? Are you kidding me? Is This A Joke? 

I like Cher but this was way out of her league. She tried her best but she was not Jimmy. All the screaming didn’t cut it. She should have left the 1969 original the way it was or leave it to someone who has soul to handle business because in all of my years I can vouch that only a handful of songs has soul in the same level Jimmy’s, this is coming from a soul music connoisseur. I still get goose bumps in 2017 listening to it.

Just The Way You Are


I just don’t know what to say on this one. Billy Joel’s is the original in 1977 and I thought no one could do any better then the Walrus Of Love Barry White came along 1 year later inserting some sexy soul to it and did a remarkable job I might add. It still remains my favourite Barry’s to date. The harmony, melody and instrumentation are impeccable.

Walk On By


In 1964, the late great Whitney Houston’s aunt Dionne Warwick dropped a classic in this track but when Isaac Hayes a.k.a Black Moses came along in 1969 to remake the song, the original was almost forgotten.. This is not to say Dionne’s was bad but Isaac turned it into an enormous hit to the point that the younger generation Hip Hop artistes would rather sample Isaac Hayes’.

Suadade Vem Correndo


If you know anything about Hip Hop you will know that most Hip Hop artistes pilfered in one way or another from the Bossa Nova genre. For those who don’t know think Hip Hop is all about celebrating guns, misogyny and reaffirmation of the negative stereotype in our community otherwise known as Niggatory. If only you knew how ingenious these young black kids are to be able to listen to any track new or old and take something as simple as a guitar riff and turn it into worldwide phenomena. They are poor ghetto kids that don’t know how to play any instruments but knew what they want from other great artistes’ songs and looked for ways to loop it long enough for them to tell their story.

That is what J Dilla did for The Pharcyde in 1995, taking what he needed from Stan Getz 1963 classic and made a pandemic smash  it.

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