Blog 76: People Buy You The Way You Sell Yourself.


When will we realize that in life we are what we think and what we say or do is the manifestation of not only our thoughts but it gives the onlooker a solid basis of judgement on our upbringing and surroundings.

Our mind is a magnet, what we do is an attraction of what we think, say or fear and as a result our actions are the reputation people perceive about who we are, right or wrong.

At Blog 76 we do not follow any niche, we bring real life situations to the people and let them have their opinion. The Clip below is a story I find really weird or confusing for lack of better words.


A 19 year old beautiful lady named Kalli uses an app to find men who would pay for a date with her and eventually sex but claim she is not a prostitute because the payment is for her time not for the act that takes place and might press charges if called a whore.

I am sure she meant well but it’s not about what she meant or how she interprets her dates but it is how she is perceived and I don’t see how she can explain her actions as not that of a prostitute.

The mind really is a terrible thing to waste inviting negative energy and justifying these actions, most evident of all for me is when I see grown men and women who refuse to grow up, equating street or criminal activities to been ‘real’ 

 The eureka moment usually set in when it’s too late hence making a a life changing u-turn much harder. Sometimes we are born into surroundings where options are limited and in some cases not available but the right thought process can get you out of the harshest predicament as long as you don’t lower yourself to the event and the negative energy around you.

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