Blog 76: Popularity Has Superseded Talent and Creativity.

This is nothing new right? I mean think about it, a footballer/soccer player who is paid exorbitant amount of money to just kick a ball for 90 minutes or less, makes more in a week than professor Sir Alec Jeffreys who invented DNA fingerprinting would make in a year.

I thought that didn’t make sense considering the latter is inevitable in our everyday life whereas the former is nothing more than entertainment.


So let stay on entertainment which is the crux of this article!

Entertainment today is turning into a debacle. In the cloth I was cut from, to be in entertainment you should have some form of gift that is worked on constantly and curated to form a talent.

As the old saying goes ‘talent without works is dead’, so in other for the talent to yield anything, constant practice must be observed which is a way for you to stay ready and wait for your turn to get that break you require to shine.

This process takes years. Anyone who has longevity in anything will tell you the same thing, there is no easy and quick route to success.

This myth hardwork and persistence seem to be debunked by this generation and it all started with ‘reality’ television in the early 2000s.

Danielle Bregoli

No one has reduced the entertainment business to a ‘newer’ low more than Danielle ‘Cash Me Ousside‘ Bregoli and Angela ‘Black Chyna‘ White.

Angela Renee White

As a matter of fact I take that back.  It is the fault of the record companies that have allegedly offered both ladies lucrative contract to release album with no experience or talent musically.

It was reported that the reason they are signed is because of their instagram buzz and fame. Bregoli became very famous for insulting her mother Live on Dr Phil’s syndicated show and ex stripper White, became famous for nothing other than having two kids for two very famous men, rapper Tyga and Robert Kardashian.


Record executives no longer need talents as they are clearly saying you do not need it, all you have to do to get famous is do something to have people talking, anything will do as long as they can harness the fame.

Your social media account is now an integral part to getting any major deals, you don’t need to work that hard.

This is the idea that is been promoted and sanctioned by major corporate businesses all because of the bottom line.


Neglecting those that really need and deserve a shot from years of hard work in favour of Instagram likes is the world we are living in, I think it is quite depressing to say the least.

Your thoughts.


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