Blog 76: Proof That Discrimination Still Exist In Full Swing.

Had this young man been a person of colour perhaps the judge would have thrown the full extent of the law on him. I have seen harsher sentences on ethnic minorities for offences way less severe which further shows the disadvantage of darker pigmentation in life in general especially in the judicial system.

A wise man once educated me on the difference between non racist and anti racist.

A non racist is clearly someone who is not a racist but inadvertently contribute to the prejudice going on around them by not saying or doing anything while on the other hand anti racist does not condone anything of that nature by showing it in action or visibly speaking up.

So where will the people of Queensland, Australia sit in this story? Are they just going to let this go or speak up?

 20 year old Brodie Satterley was arraigned before a judge at Brisbane supreme court with charges of running a ‘low level’ drug operation and he was let go on probation after the judge praised his “good business model” while selling methamphetamine.

What does a ‘good business model’  have to do with selling illegal narcotics would be the right question at this stage I would have thought.

Mr Satterley’s good business sense in the eyes of judge Ann Lyons and the jury is simply because the accused devised a system while selling meth which included charging interest on debts, giving price guides and discounts and offering refunds to customers who complained about the product. Satterley also sought custom feedback and held business strategy meetings, according the Sunshine Coast Daily.

Judge Lyons further rubbed salt to the injury by saying: “It obviously wasn’t the best business, but it’s a good business model.” and gave him 3 years probation to turn his life around.

I would love to hear your thought about this question, if an aboriginal, black or Latin Australian were to commit this same crime with the same ‘good business’ strategy, would the outcome be the same?

I don’t think it will although I might be wrong.

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