Blog 76: Protesters Storm Church In New Era Detroit Demanding Answers.

Some argue that religion especially black churches is a form of slavery, although I do not share such view but would you really blame those that do?

Mark Twain once quoted; the two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.

Some come to the conclusion that the reason they are born is to do God’s work and there is nothing wrong with that, How they go about doing God’s work is what I find questionable hence I became more spiritual and less religious.

In finding out why I was born like many others, I started to question a lot of things that are deemed the status quo, religion was on top of the list. 

Something just doesn’t seem right to me when the pastor in most cases is stupendously rich and 90% of its congregation live in budget social housing, earn meagre to average wages as janitors, nurses, security guards, teachers and In somes cases jobless or worse.

Bearing in mind that the church is a charity organisation and not a business, so how did bishop Wayne T Jackson in the video above became so rich and a member of his congregation homeless?

Some may say that he worked hard which is quite possibly true but I have my reservations to that idea as well. Unless he has has made his money before joining the ministry, like many other preachers if he was nothing before the ministry, I have my doubts that the church and its congregation didn’t somehow contribute to major of his success.

In other to do your business of selling books and give speeches for starters you need audience, proceeds can be invested in major stocks and real estates afterwards, this is where I think your church come in and to make matters worse these pastors don’t know how to act to say the least.

Driving a $300,000 Rolls Royce Phantom through impoverished neighbourhoods for all meagre earning locals to see when they know you run a ‘charitable organisation’ is not only the most repugnant idea but Mr Jackson was simply asking for trouble.

Wayne T Jackson’s diehard fans are quick to mention what he does for people like giving homes to poor and hiring ex convicts, while these are all benevolent gestures but it goes deeper than that.

Giving to individuals is what anyone with a good heart can do, hiring individual is not a ‘help’ per se because they are offering a services which is beneficial to both, giving back to the community significantly is makes all the difference.

The God that I know don’t operate on the basis of the pastor will be the only one living lavish and the rest tagging along, it will be a bias if that were the case. 

As I previously prognosticated on my blog, people are starting to wake up. They are seeing beyond what is in front of them.

Your thought.

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