Blog 76: Psychopath Steve Stephens Announce Murder On Social Media

One of the most twisted and sickening things I have seen in my life.  How terrible of a loser can one be to carry out such a despicable act and worse publicly outline his intention in a cold way akin to notorious serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Ted Bundy.

Steve Stephens pathetic excuse for killing a septuagenarian live on Facebook is because the ‘love of his life’ had failed him and his mother ‘raised him’ to be the cold hearted human being that he had become.

He went on to give more reasons why he carried out his deeds citing how his friends and family don’t want to hear about his problems when he tried to talk to them about it, blaming his gambling addiction and his girlfriend and the main reason why he lost everything that he resulted to go on a killing spree.

This is a true example of a very weak individual looking to abrogate his responsibility as a 37 year old adult by blaming others for his woes.

Stephens did not ‘snap’ and neither is he sick. This is premeditated murder because he knew exactly what he was going to do, snapping is done on impulse. This is nowhere near a spur of the moment as he claimed, sheer depravity from a very selfish man is what I deduce this to be.

He has totally ruined the lives of families on Easter Sunday of 2017 allegedly murdering 13 people and claimed he was going to continue to kill at random until the authorities get to him.

I sincerely hope law enforcement get to him before many more innocent lives are taken.

These Senseless killings really need to stop, the rate of bereavement as a result of meaningless loss of lives either from gang violence, police killings or from people like this evil of a human being is spreading at an alarming rate.

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