Blog 76: Robert Mugabe Under House Arrest……… Really?

It was announced that the unpopular Zimbabwean despot and his wife have been under house arrest since the bloodless coup d’etat which took place last week.

The alleged ‘house’ arrest couldn’t be more of a fallacy as the word opulence would be an understatement to describe where he is supposedly held captive.

The picture above is the mansion where his son got married few years back, his main residence I might add.

For a country as poor and deprived as Zimbabwe, you would not have thought a place as palatial as this would be anywhere near there but it is, and it belongs to the one person you would hope would set a moral example.

If this is what house arrest really is then I would not mind spending the rest of my life incarcerated.

The Bedroom


This is something I would expect from a royal but I don’t think the Queen of England’s has this much grandeur.

The Pool Area

This palatial property sits on a 44 acre land which is the equivalent 25 football stadia. 

The Architectural Appeal 

The 25-bedroom mansion was reportedly constructed by a Serbian construction company Energoprojekt to a Chinese architectural design. In Zimbabwe the palace is nicknamed, ‘Blue Roof’.

The Dining Room 

The picture says it all. The chandeliers alone are probably worth more than my 5 years’ salary not to even mention the tables and chairs, Gucci Grace sure does have taste.

Ceiling and Pillars

I also wanted to believe that these pictures are something that were photoshopped from the roman times but it is not according to the Sun and Zimbabwean times, this is the real deal. Move away Trump, Uncle Bob’s got this!

The Bath Tub/Jacuzzi

Speechless, you would expect to see something like this in the movies. This is in Africa believe it or not.

Some argue this could be the state house, my question is does a state house need to be this palatial in a country where there’s 75% unemploment rate?

Your thought.

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