Blog 76: Seven Steps To Success.

Success Tips Shared!

WORK HARD Whoever you aspire to be, check out their CV and you will see there’s is no easy route. Politicians, Footballers, Celebrities, captains of industries, they have all done the spade work first. Bleating that you weren’t born privileged is no excuse.

BE WELL-PRESENTED Sir David Frost always maintained the importance of dressing the part. Those who meet you will judge you on the way you look before listening to what you have to say. Harsh but true.

BE HAPPY Live everyday as if it were your last, make light of tricky situations and laugh at yourself when it’s funny. Be humble and offer support to those around you who are looking for a leg up.

FAIL TO PREPARE, PREPARE TO FAIL Meeting someone for the second time they will always be flattered you remember a fact or two about them, always start with their name. If you are hoping to network make sure you know who is in the room.

TRIUMPH AND DISASTER Treat those two impostors exactly the same. Always be gracious in victory and defeat, you will undoubtedly meet the same people when you are on the way down.

THICK SKIN You will need it for the haters who will knock your success. Believe in yourself and be surrounded by good and honest people who will be there to share your success but above all check you if you’re wrong.

NEVER BELIEVE YOUR OWN PUBLICITY Remember some people will hate you and some will love you, the silent majority are somewhere in the middle for knowledge without wisdom is like water in the sand. Always stay hungry!

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