Blog 76: Skin Whitening Taken Beyond Too Far.

What’s Wrong With Having Dark Skin?

This procedure has gone beyond obsession to the the point where anus and vagina bleaching are becoming trendy, I think there should be a point where something has to be done after watching the clip below.


There’s now a skin bleaching cream in Thailand that turns your dark skin white instantly and in my opinion there has to be repercussions to this of skin whitening. So why go to these lengths to appease or look more ‘appealing’ to people who don’t really care?

Some would argue it is simply preference and others would say it is their life and they chose to live it as they please but truth be told there must be something inside that triggers the thought of looking yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you’d look better lighter than your birth color.

As this can be traced back to slavery when the slaves with the lighter skin and softer hair are ‘promoted’ from working in the field to the house,  fast forward to 2017 over a century since slavery was abolished, the common format that still perhaps inadvertently promote the idea of the lighter the skin the better is the media.

Whenever  black celebrities’ services are used for advertisement purposes their skin are always lightened and since we are in world where fame is adored beyond belief you won’t really blame people wanting to be like their favorite celeb, would you?

The media is not only the ones held culpable, the dermatologists as well. One of the first things a celebrity does when the cash start rolling in is to visit a dermatologist for procure a ‘flawless skin’ and the end result is always the case of the ‘flawless skin’ been lighter like this for example.

For those who can’t afford a dermatologist and look up to a celebrity who has transformed his or her look will seek a much cheaper option of skin bleaching.

Detest for a darker skin color has turned the bleaching industry into a multi billion dollar business empire, as The University Of Cape Town study show that Nigeria is the biggest users of bleaching product with 77% of the women using them on a regular basis.

In a country such as India, the dominance of fairer skin has both a colonial and a caste legacy and the global narrative is that those at the top echelon of society have lighter skin. With issues such as jobs and relationships often resting on the color of one’s skin, people pay top dollar for bleaching creams in the hope of a better existence.

In Jamaica, it’s a different story. As the 2016 Joy Daily’s documentary above show, ‘cake soap’ which is a term commonly used as reference to bleaching product is at an all time high especially among men, which brings me to wonder if there’ll ever be a cessation to this crazy obsession.

I don’t think this will ever be the case as it has been deeply engraved in our society with evidence everywhere you turn.

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