Blog 76: Some Of The Dumbest Things People Do…. Part 2

In today’s world where the internet have pretty much usurped quality of life, people seek unnecessary attention which in most cases are for the wrong reasons. 

This quest for microwaved fame have got people doing unbelievable things, sometimes inadvertently. Below are some of the clips that had me in utter disbelief.

Number One- Hurricane Irma In Miami, Florida.

This is one of the most despicable things I have seen in a long time and as a black man, it is humiliating for my race to see that in the middle of the terrible hurricane my people cared more about saving shoes than their lives.

What was most sad about it is they broke into a local Footlocker to carry out such a horrific crime.


Number Two- Women Selling their Virginity to The Highest Bidder Online.

I don’t know whether to call this a dumb idea or a good hustle. As a man you wouldn’t want your daughter or your sister to this but then again it is the woman’s body and she can do as she please.

Growing up I thought your first time was something you would cherish for life, these days women make a killing selling off their virginity online and freaks with deep pockets bid for it.

Katie Dylan is the priciest virginity ever sold for a cool $3.7 million.

Number Three- Body Builder Dies in a Freak Accident

This was a sad case for established South African body builder Sifiso Lungelo Thabathe who died for trying to do a backflip when there was absolutely no need to.

Mr Thabathe met his tragic end as he was caught up in the hype of trying to please a cheering crowd.


Number Four- Prank Video Shoots Goes Tragically Wrong.

This does not come as a surprise to me at all considering what ‘kids’ will do to get a like on social media.

These two were real life couple that owned a thriving Youtube channel Mami vs Papi. As they were attempting to shoot a prank video for their channel, Pedro for some stupid reason told his girlfriend to fire a loaded gun at him while holding a book to his chest. He believed the book would stop the bullet penetrating, he was wrong.

He was shot and killed instantly.


Number Five- Teenager Falls Nine Floors to His Death When Taking a Selfie.

If this is not sheer madness, then I don’t know the word means. What in this world would prompt anyone to go up to the rooftop to capture the ‘perfect’ selfie?

If you think you have what it takes to see his death unfold, click here.

Your thoughts.

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