Blog 76: Some Of The Most Expensive Timepieces In The World.

Although some are very good at playing low key but it is a known fact that the three things to look out for in ascertaining if a man is doing well or pretending to be are his shoes, belt and ultimately the watch.

These three items speaks volumes about an individual. It is not all the time you see them in their cars or houses, he may simply be a visitor in town trying to catch a cab to close business deals and just one of these items check the right boxes if you know your stuff.

For me the timepiece stands out the most and I don’t know if it is because watches are one of my hobbies. Growing up the Rolex Day Date Presidential was a dream of mine to have one day but the price tag of $12,000 was a turnoff, who pays that sort of money to tell the time I said to myself.

I thought it was a lot of money for a watch at the time until I started exploring the art of timepieces where price tags are so dear they make my dream watch look like it belong in the homeless shelter.

Here are just a few Haute Couture of watches that I really like but I honestly think no watch should be this costly.

Richard Mille Sapphire 56-02

Price Tag: $1.65 million

Originally priced at $2 million, it is now ‘reduced to clear’. Price tag is insane.

Patek Philippe Platinum World Time

Price Tag: $4 million

Pateks are work of art without a shadow of doubt but 4 million for a watch is rather excessive. 

Jacob and Co Billionaire Watch

Price Tag: $18 million

Let’s put in perspective what this price means, Cristiano Ronaldo’s entire net worth is $280 million which is nothing to sneeze at. That means he can only afford 20 pieces. If we want to add cost of insurance and servicing, maybe he can only afford 10.

Louis Moinet Meteoris

Price Tag: $4.6 million

A beauty but I will certainly pass for that price tag.

Vacheron Constantin Tour De l’ile

Price Tag: $1.6 million

One of my favourites but I don’t think I would be able to shell out $1.6 even if I were Warren Buffett.

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