Blog 76: Some Of The Most Idiotic Decisions Made On Social Media. Part 1

Arguably some of the worst decisions ever made by those that you would expect to do better as adults because they know better, in hindsight the best way to surmise their thought process would be the word foolish.

In today’s world, social media are virtually an integral part of our existence. It can be of tremendous benefit if used for what is designed for which is to connect for social or business reasons.

It can have dire consequences when social platforms are used for other reasons as you are about to find out.

Below are some of the ‘not so smart’ ideas conceived by individuals who thought going on Facebook Live was the best idea to showcase what they are or were up to.

Number- 1 

TThese must be the three biggest fools to walk the surface of planet earth.

Raderius Glenn Collins, 18, Marcus Terrell Parker, 27 and an accomplice pulled the the perfect heist, stole safe worth over $500,000 and you can guess where this story is going already.

They did not only have an idea of the value of some of stolen items like the jewels they ‘pawned’ for a measly $1,500 when they were worth fifty times more, they went on to social media to brag about ‘their accomplishments’ by flashing wad of cash.

Needless to say the police traced their social media post back to them and two of the three are now in custody. 

Number- 2

TThis one is not just a sad situation for an innocent toddler who did not ask to be brought to this world but what is even sadder is what part did this young child have to do with her parents’ differences that cost her life?

The saddest part is her death was streamed on Facebook live by the man who killed her, the man who was supposed to be her protector, the man who she called ‘daddy’.

Her father!

Before taking his life, this sorry excuse of a human being put a rope around his baby daughter’s neck then throw her out of the roof of a Thai hotel to spite his estranged wife, LIVE on Facebook.

 Number- 3

At first I laughed hard at these fool’s naivety, they are so young and DUMB to say the least then it turned into annoyance because of their representation of the negative stereotype of our community, which I have coined ‘Niggatory’. 

It is one thing to be wet behind the ears but when you are down right stupid is a totally different matter.

Dorian Markee Walker-Gaines, 20, and his friend Dylan, 22 pulled a petty heist. They broke into a car, stole an Ipad and $5,000 in cash. 

Buffoonery number 1- They did what most people their age would do, go on social media to show off their little change but where they took their stupidity to stratosphere was when the decided to use the Ipad stolen to take pictures of their loot.

These pictures automatically backed up to the owners’ I-Cloud account, needless to say they they have since been arrested.

The plus side to this is that their Idiocy saved taxpayers’ money to launch an investigation as they pretty much snitched on themselves.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

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