Blog 76: Some Of The Most Idiotic Decisions Made On Social Media. Part 2

It does not get stupider than someone who is smart enough to put together an illegal syndicate that made millions but not smart enough to know that the last place you want to show off your money is on social media.

Law enforcement are now having a field day sitting at home solving crimes that used to require them to go out and investigate.

The question is why should they? There’s no need to go out knocking on people’s door when all you need to do is sign up and log on to all the social media sites and watch crimes solve itself. 

As the case of these fools below show how they literally ‘snitched’ on themselves.


In four years they made over $1m amongst them with the mastermind taking about 80 % cut. The scam is simple, deposit a fake cheque into someone’s account and withdraw it before the bank realised that it was a ‘rubber’ cheque in the first place.

As stupid as it may sound, it worked perfectly.

While the cash is been withdrawn, the owner of the  account must report his or her bank card stolen to the police and get a crime reference number. That way the genuine owner of the account is ‘in the clear’ of any wrongdoing.

This system worked for over 4 years and the banks were none the wiser until these fraudsters started advertising their business on Facebook, Instagram  and SnapChat.

Yes, you heard it right! They were looking for people online who were interested in offering their account for a fee which was mistake number one.

As some are already aware that the police, CIA and FBI now have undercover everywhere monitoring our every move and social media is not an exception as some people may think.

It didn’t take long for the law enforcement to unravel who these gangs were and this ‘feat’ was facilitated by the criminals’ mistake number 2 which was showing off their ill gotten gains on social media.

This is by all account the epitome of the word foolish. All gangs involved have been apprehended.

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