Blog 76: 1- Some Of The Most Under Rated & Overlooked Soul/RnB Composer In The Last 30 Years

Part 1

As a Hip Hop, Soul/RnB, Jazz enthusiast and a DJ I find it hard sometimes to really grasp what is on mainstream radio today, I guess some will say it is a case of hating what you don’t understand but it is just my opinion on the content of music been released compared to when we were growing up.

Don’t get me wrong there are some good quality compositions out there with a spectacular delivery by the artistes but for the most part the material been released are tepid at best with no signs of improvement, perhaps due to monetized system been introduced by big corporation looking to yield dividend by any means necessary, hence essential parts of music production are totally neglected.

For example, a lot of these young artistes have no idea what an
A & R is or their importance in grooming an star, these days a buzz on social media with following is more than enough to get signed. Even recording studios, like Cds and Vinyls are extinct, you can create a track on an App.

Back in the day we queued just to get a Cd or an album and the fun part was looking at what I call the fine prints credit of the people who helped make the dream of the project come through, we get excited when you see the title track and next to it displays ‘written and produced by Neptunes ,Timbaland, or Quincy Jones’ but today you get a file and all you see is ‘mp3’ if you are lucky enough you might see the artiste’s name and title of the track.

So I am using this platform for the month of January 2017 to introduce some of the artistes/tracks that you may or may not have heard of in no particular order, even when you do know who they are the world seem to have forgotten or don’t recognize their talent because their artistry were no drummed into us enough via radio’s hourly repetition for BDS ratings.

BJ The Chicago Kid

Let’s start with this young man who has been around since 2001 but was very quiet maybe because he was a back up singer for the gospel group Mary Mary until 2009 when he debuted his first mix tape, A Taste Of Chicago.
I would describe him as D’Angelo meets the late U.K soul singer Lynden David Hall with a little dash of Marvin Gaye. If this is not a good song that should be on radio then I certainly don’t know what is.


In 1997, Davina Bussey came to the scene with what I thought at the time will be the extended impact of Lauryn Hill’s Miseducation album but she faded almost as quickly as she came in, I honestly think it was due to lack of promotion.
Her Best Of Both World’s Debut in 1998 is a classic and her follow up 9 years later The Return Of Soul failed to Impress the younger generation who were head over hills with Rihanna.

Stay tuned for the rest on this page and leave a comment to let us know who should be included.

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