Blog 76: Stealthing Now Been Considered Rape

What Is Stealthing? This is the act of the non use of condoms without the consent of your partner. You may think this applies to both gender but as you might have already figured, it is aimed at men and not the other way round.

Feminists must be loving this at the moment, the alleged idea of feminism which somewhat seem to believe that women should not be held accountable for their actions must see this as an opportunity to attack.

So a scenario that did take place circulated social media about a young lady with the pseudonym Rose who told Yahoo Style that she was at a party flirting with a male friend before they went back to her car to make up

I had a condom on me and asked him to put it on. We were both drunk and in a dark car so I never realised that he didn’t put it on,” she continues. “In fact, I only realised when I found the unopened wrapper.”

Rose admits she was “mad” about the betrayal, which had effectively taken away her consent to the sexual intercourse. “I felt violated,” she says. “And I cut that person out of my life. I did tell my friends what happened. But we never talked about it as a form of sexual assault.

Few years later Rose firmly believes stealthing should be treated as rape and people are buying it?

This utterly shows how demented this world have become and how far people are willing to go to succumb to irrelevant pressure for the sake of political correctness.

The fact that there’s a consent in the first place negates the possibility of RAPE.

Putting a condom on is the last stage before the actual intercourse in which case a lot of foreplay and other stuff had transpired, so how come does the idea of failing to insert condom constitutes rape is beyond my imagination.

Some may argue that he or she (in this case) could have contracted sexually transmitted diseases just because someone got carried away and ignored the advice to use a condom, that is still not an excuse to see it as ‘rape’ which is a totally different topic entirely.

Rape simply means having sexual pleasure or intercourse without mutual consent, there’s nowhere in the dictionary or the law where rape is defined as non consensual use of condom.

I don’t know how this topic was entertained to start with, you can sue for endangerment of life but most definitely not rape.

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