Blog 76: Success Is A Journey Not A Destination.

It Really Is.

It is one thing to be talented and another to be gifted. Anyone can be talented at anything If they put in serious work for example I can pick up boxing today and with incessant amount of practice I can end up in major tournaments. A gift is something you are born with plus it is one of the hardest things to notice in life as a lot of people die without realizing their true gift, while others spend the rest of their lives living their talent or worse. Your gift is simply the thing you do the absolute best without trying or with the very least amount of effort, if you are lucky enough to spot your gift and spend the rest of your life working excessively hard towards it, there’s no way on earth you are not going to shine. Simply not possible.

Do you know how many singers that can sing Beyoncé under the table or play soccer circles around Leonardo Messi that are either unknown or not as known worldwide? The truth is it is not their gift to be stars like a Beyoncé or a Messi. In this article we will be looking at some of the factors that have been tried and proven to help you along your journey of success if you are ready to be successful, observe these points below and you can never go wrong. 

Lack Of Discipline: With this habit you can forget about every and anything you have worked towards achieving in life. Everyday we see people work so hard to accomplish a goal but the disappointing part is when the hard work turns into a Sisyphean task.

You want to buy a house but you are always going out to restaurants for a meal or if your goal is to lose weight but every time after that rigorous workout you have burger or Chinese meal for lunch, I don’t have to expound that you are not going anywhere fast regardless of how good you may think you are.

Lazy: Hard work defeats your talent and gift when your talent and gift don’t work hard, it is that simple. You will be surprised how many gifted and talented individuals that have had opportunities at their beck and call only for their lackadaisical attitude to ruin what many would kill for. Perfect example that comes to mind here is Mike Tyson, he had the world at his feet at one point but the lack of discipline and the nonchalance to his work rituals literally gave it all away. I believe if he had stayed ‘hungry’ no man born of a woman could touch him in his prime. 

Fear: You have no idea how many people have missed opportunity of greatness due to False Expectations Appearing Real.

Since you don’t know what’s on the other side it is safer to stay where you are right?  Wrong! If you want to get to the next level you must be ready to take that leap of faith. Faith is the belief in things you can’t see and can be very nerve racking. If you don’t ignore fear your talent and gift will not shine.

Dreams & Goal: Denzel Washington explain this the best, ‘Dreams without goals are just Dreams’, on the other hand if you have goals and don’t visualize how to get there (dream), your journey through success are going to be miserable and often times futile. You can’t have one without the other, they compliment each other. 

Standards: This part is often overlook but it is an imperative part not only to success but through life in general.

In the words of Nelson Mandela: 

There’s no passion to be found playing small and settling for a life less than the one you are capable of living’ 

You standards and dreams must be higher than your reach, anything short will mean you are setting your aim low and may very well end up where you started. Also in life you will come across adverse obstacles but never reduce yourself to the event in front of you, only people with high standards can achieve this feat.

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