Blog 76: Suicide Among Young Men and Women In This Generation

Making indelible decisions based on temporary feelings is the norm in today’s society, perhaps this ‘trend’ have been around for a while but social media have made us all aware of the number of suicide that have occurred because that is the avenue most  victims use these days.I am not one to judge as I don’t know what is going on in people’s personal life but how bad can it really be that can cause one to take his or her own life?

I personally think it is a selfish act and an easy way out of the momentary situation facing you except of course if there’s a medical reason why, perhaps the victim not in the right state of mind.

Whatever the case or the reason, it still does not justify taking one’s life as the only solution to one’s problems.

Most recently is the case of this 31 year old Czech republic footballer František Rajtoral who took his own life yesterday, April 23rd 2017. He didn’t look troubled or anything according to sources but who knows what demons he was fighting.

Let’s take another case of a young Ohio couple, both in their late teen. They took their lives within 2 days of each other on Facebook live.

Mercedes Sharday Smith was the first to go on the 20th of April 2017 and her boyfriend Mari Brown killed himself two days later after the heart wrenched video below.

Reasons are still unclear as to what drove these teenager toward suicidal path but I still think there are more efficacious ways to go about whatever you are going through.

What about the case of Billy Watts in 2015?

He documented everything, from his last meal to the exact time he leapt to his death live on instagram.

If you disagree that something is amiss with these instagram babies of today then I do not know what to tell you. All you need to do is go on social media and there are countless incidents involving suicide or people taking others’ for reasons I can not comprehend.

This is most common with teenagers and young adults.

Your thoughts.

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