Blog 76: Syria Chemical Attack- What Really Started All This.

So it has now resulted in using chemical weapons to attack your brothers and sisters? The most painful part is the fact that this deadly substance was used on innocent children who had nothing to do with the bigoted idea of the Bashar Al- Assad regime and the Free Syria rebel army.

Since the inception of the civil war in Syria seven years ago, things have never been the same in the country and perhaps will remain that way for decades to come as there are no signs of relinquishing the senseless killings.

Since the Arab Springs revolt which saw the ousting of the erstwhile Tunisian president Zine Ben Ali, protest against the alleged aging dictatorship, corruption and unemployment was inevitable across arab states in the middle east and beyond.

Syria happened to be one of the states to partake of this peaceful protest which was rebutted by the Al-Assad regime claiming it was western influences at work.

The implosion that led to the civil war in Syria started when a young 13 year old boy was tortured and killed for tagging on the wall his support for the Arab Springs.

More tortures were recorded to have been carried out by the Al-Assad regime which led to military defectors forming a rebel group called Free Syrian army to overthrow the government and it has been incessant killings ever since.

The civil war hit a new low three days ago when chemical weapons were used in the area controlled by Free Syrian Army which resulted in the death of babies.

It has been alleged that the attacker is current government which the commander in chief is none other than Bashar Al-Assad.

America is now involved and it is still unclear how many more countries will follow in support of President Trump’s intervention.

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