Blog 76: Teenager Accidentally Kills Himself Live On Instagram

As our hearts go out to the family and friends left behind to mourn the irreparable loss of Malachai Hemphill in Forest Park Georgia, questions arose in my mind and the one that recur the most is when would these young teenagers learn?

Anyone who knows anything about street life know that one of the most annoying things a person can do is representing that way life when he/she was not born, raised or live anywhere near the harsh reality of these mean streets.

Thuggery is now fashionable that even kids from middle and affluent class homes now brandish firearms on social media because they think it is cool to do so and above all it makes them ‘a real Nigga’.

The phrase ‘real Nigga’ have been so misconstrued for so long that young boys and girls think been a criminal makes you ‘real’ and getting an education, a job or starting you own empire makes you ‘square’.

Although sad but true, Hip Hop genre of music which was corrupted by corporate businesses play a part in this illusion that has permeated across every media outlet which is very easily accessible to kids and young teens with a mobile device and internet connection.

Why did I say this?

It is no brainer to phatom that positive Hip Hop don’t get promoted but negative ones do, If the corporate industries that sign these young artistes put some form of policy in place to fine or terminate the contract of these artistes promoting the negative stereotype in Hip Hop (which is by the way the CNN, BBC & FOX news for kids), situation like the late Mr Hemphill would drastically be curbed.

Case in point would be canadian superstar Tory Lanez whose songs (some of) I quite like, with his huge teenage and young adult followings you would expect him to have some for responsibility but NO.

Instead he chose flash an arsenal of weapons and bricks of drugs while chuckling on Instagram, not long after that he was allegedly arrested.

He bonded went back to social media to show off some more.

How does this relate to Mr Hemphill? Well, what else could he be doing with a gun live on Instagram if not to represent a life he has no business in plus he was raised the right way by all indication and at 13 years old, what do you know about firearms?

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