Blog 76: Ten Songs On FR76’s Playlist- June 24th 2017

As eclectic as my taste in music can be at times, I must say it is difficult trying to figure out what I want to play especially when you have over 100,000 songs to chose from.

Below are ten tracks I played the most this week. It may not be your taste but the one thing certain is you can’t deny the quality music, from the production viewpoint  I consider these records some of the best ever made of their genre.

Number Ten- Fela Kuti, No Agreement.

Even if you don’t like it, you just can’t deny the sheer genius in the progression of his production. The horns?? OMG!

Number Nine- Hector Lavoe, El Dia De Suerte.

I love the Fania All Stars. I can’t speak a word of Spanish but I simply can’t resist the soul in this masterpiece.

Number Eight- Marvin Gaye, I Wanna Be Where You Are.


Hands down my favourite male musician of all time. Pay attention, I didn’t say singer, I said musician.. At 1.22, he adlib where he wanted his orchestra to go and they delivered.

Number Seven- Tom Tyger, Dimini.

I have no idea how Tom Tyger blended this very tribal African song into a dance hit. One of my favourite club bangers.

Number Six- Max Romeo, (Lucifer) Chase The Devil.

I don’t care if reggae is not your thing, this is still a smash hit after 41 years.

Number Five- Musiq Soulchild, Sobeautiful.

If you don’t like this song you have no SOUL, plain and simple.

Number Four- The Eagles, Hotel California.

 At the start of that guitar riff, you knew you were heading towards the path for musical greatness.

Number Three- DJ Khaled, On Everything.

Khaled can be very annoying but you can’t deny the fact that he delivers these hits. Rick Ross very underestimated, Big Sean has the bars on the track, “Rockafella chain but you can still get Ethered” , A reference to Jay Z and Nas’ 2001 beef.

Number Two- MSB, Make The Road By Walking.

 Jay Z’s Roc Boys (..and the winner is), produced by Puff Daddy nine years ago introduced me to this song and I have never looked back since.

 Number One- Mobb Deep, Shook Ones.

“To All Killers and My Hundred Dollar Billers”. Following the death of Prodigy (the one in red) earlier this week, Shook Ones have been on constant rotation.

Author: FR76

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