Blog 76: The Height Of Heartlessness…..

…Over $34?

On our previous article we covered and elaborated on the worst thing that ever existed on planet earth, we chose Homo Sapiens to be the worst and the most dangerous species to walk the surface of this earth plus few examples were given as to why we arrived at such conclusion. This story further supports this claim.

If you are squeamish I would not advise watching the clip below. This is a sad and pathetic video of a corpse seized in Ghana, West Africa because the deceased and family owed a paltry $34.


My question here is are things that bad in Ghana that they had to show so much disrespect to the dead and his loved ones for such a measly sum? Let’s go a little deeper and assume that the family can’t afford the $34 (£25) which is perfectly understandable, times can be hard in unexpected circumstances. Is it that tough that the 50-100 bystanders couldn’t chip in to raise $34 to save the embarrassment?

Such barbaric act are some of the reasons why our community is regarded with contempt all over the world and there should be measures in place to deal with situations like this.

It is obvious that the family of the deceased can’t afford to pay the debt because we wouldn’t be watching the video and reading this article otherwise but I am sure the creditors could have waited until after the funeral procession and perhaps chase their payment in a more tasteful manner.

The least anyone can do is to show a little respect for a loss of life which is not the same as a loss of worldly possession, a loss of life can’t be bought or brought back. When it departs it’s gone forever. The sheer thought of these callous individuals taking the body like it is some piece of wood is heart wrenching and I really hope something was done about restoring dignity to the deceased’s family and friends.

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