Blog 76: The Highest Earning Personality For 2016-2017

 The personality who paid himself the most this last fiscal year came as a shock to me if I am quite honest. It is surprising because this is a list which encompass all walks of life, From TV hosts, actors, musician, preachers, athlete to notable VIPs and reality/social media stars

This does not take into account the billionaire businessmen and women as Forbes based this list on purely on the people with vast amount of audience from all over the world.

Among the list are names from Colombia, Serbia, India, Jamaica, Portugal, Barbados, United Kingdom, Brazil, Hong Kong, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, Germany, Spain, Sweden and 70% of the list went to United States.

The kicker for me was the people I thought was raking it in viz Simon Cowell, Rihanna, Shah Rukh Khan (Bollywood superstar) and Dr Dre were nowhere near the Top 40, not even Jay Z who made less than Kim Kardashian in one single year or Usain Bolt’s $38m a year’s pay which placed him around the bottom of the list.

The full top 100 list is available here. We will only countdown the list for the top ten.

Number Ten

Lebron James, age 32, made $82 million in one year from endorsements and basketball.

Number Nine

James Patterson, age 70 is arguably one of the world’s richest authors. He made $87 million in one year from book sales and screenplay royalties.

Number Eight

British band Coldplay made the most money from the English music scene with $88 million.

Number Seven

Howard Stern, age 63 is one of (if not THE) richest radio personality in the world with a yearly $90 million salary.

Number Six

This Canadian singer came as a surprise to me having only been in the music scene since 2011. It is alleged that did 5.5 billion streams which landed him a $75 million 360 deal contract. Born Abel Tesfaye, TheWeeknd made $92 million in one single year.

Number Five

Came as no surprise. Undeniably well deserved, truly well earned. Cristiano Ronaldo, age 32, made $93 million.

Number Four

Champagne Papi as he is known by his hardcore followers made a whopping $94 million. I truly see Drake to be the next Jay Z of his generation.

Number Three

From homeless to a billionaire, JK Rowling is at number three at $95 million.

Number Two

At the young age of 35, ‘Sasha Fierce’ has ticked all the boxes that most people spend the rest of their natural lives chasing. A near billionaire husband, loving family of soon to be 3 children and a blossoming career that is far from relenting which earned $105 million in a single year. Double the amount her husband made.

Number One

Mr ‘Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop‘, ‘Take That, Take That‘. He Probably haven’t seen a dollar bill in a very long time that’s why he looked so surprised at the sight of it. it is remarkably egregious to me that he is number one and Forbes approved of it, we can’t dispute it. Diddy made $130 million in a single year. Whoa!

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