Blog 76: The Misconstrued Conception Of Africa Harboured in Today’s Western Society.

I was still on vacation in Milan, Italy when I received a link to the video clip below to share my thoughts on the parenting discipline used on the child. It would have been positive had she not put it on social media and most importantly tried to give a wrong picture of what Africa is.

First of all it is clear that the boy’s mother lack understanding of the motherland and like majority of people in the west with pre-conceived notion of what they think Africa is, she is going by what she sees on television and what has been permeated across social media.

I am really amazed at the fact that in 2017, people still think of Africa as a place where people live in forests, don’t have clothes or shoes when the fact is you can get almost anything in the continent like in the U.S, UK and any other western countries.

People live in much better conditions than the picture below I took in what is perceived to be the fashion capital of the world, Milan Italy.

South Africa is a definitely not in the third group of nations also know as ‘third world country’ and I have no idea why it is still labelled a ‘developing’ nation.

Perhaps the woman in the video was referring to the countries with the lowest Gross National Income (GNI) per capita which helps to understand a country’s living standard.

This is a list compiled by World Bank in 2015. It helps to understand the living standard of the people in the countries listed.

While African countries make up 90% of the list’s lower and lower middle income, Asian, South American and European countries made the list as well.

The main problems with these countries are bad governance, self loathing and overt corruption which if eliminated have the potential to be greater than any of the first tier nations. 


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