Blog 76: The Most Vicious Female Beating Done By A Man

 A woman is not and will never be the same as a man and I do not mean it in a misogynistic way. Feminists may disagree but it is unequivocally true. We are built different, we think different and for the most part strength levels are completely different.

Hence it is imperative as a man to know how to pick your fights. Even the coldest of criminals and certified gangsters have principles, ‘women and children are off limits‘.

So what gave Jamar Woody the right to viciously attack a woman this way?

Sorry, let me rephrase; Why would this sorry excuse of a man beat his pregnant girlfriend in crutches the way he did?

I would never know but what happened next is what really buttress the fact that women are ‘wired’ differently.

During the trial in court, the pregnant girlfriend Shatory Irving denied she was the lady in the video and stood by her man.

It is women like Ms Irving that perpetuate domestic violence and should take a portion of the blame by not speaking up sooner, because it is obvious it is not the first time.

She made matters worse by defending such a dastardly act in the court of law which is an affront to women in my opinion.

I believe this is the most vicious ‘beat down’ because even if she was fit and able she stood no chance fighting him, to be three months pregnant and in crutches…..

Your Thought.


Author: FR76

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