Blog 76: The Simple Reason Why You Don’t Succeed.

 Did you know the average millionaire has seven sources of income? If you get sacked It doesn’t matter because your backup is there, your boss tells you what you don’t like, why go through the headache of a union. Just tell him or her where to go.

Successful entrepreneurs and world leaders have backed this theory to the tee but why is this not promoted hard enough in our schools and learning outlets which includes social media?

By promotion I mean education or advertisement on the importance of owning a property at as early as possible, how to get out of bad debt, financial literacy, how to make and spend money, and how to take risks in building our brands and businesses.

Instead what we are exposed to daily is the opposite for example betting shops, unnecessary student loans, pension schemes or pretty much anything that favours the notion of holding down ‘a job’ to pay regularly for these services which in most cases we don’t need in the first place.

If the latter is for you the by all means be happy but there are people out there who really want more in life, but don’t really know how to go about it because of information not made readily available at their disposal unless you do some hard research.

For example I did not know you could be a self employed ‘anything’. A self employed cleaner, security guard, doctor, social worker, teacher, train driver etc and still get work where you are responsible for your own taxes and insurance. In other words you are in control of you.

What is been promoted is the employed version where the fallacy of perks like paid holidays, sick pays and pension are dangled before you to give a sense of security. In other words the state or corporations are in control.

The difference between the former and the latter is those who are comfortable to accept what is been given to them and those that practice the term ‘Cognitive Priming‘.

Cognitive priming is basically the awareness of the risks ahead of realising your full potential yet somehow devise a coping mechanism of getting by each day until you get to the finish line.

For those of you who really want to win, what are you waiting for? The time to start is right now.

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