Blog 76: The Worst Creature In Existence On Planet Earth.

What Will Your Answer Be?

So If you were asked the question on what you think is the worst thing ever created, I don’t know about your answer but mine is simple, human beings.


If you are squeamish I wouldn’t advise you to watch the video clip above. This is an story about a young man that was allegedly killed in a gang related incident, while his body was In the casket at the funeral, his rival gang member arrived under the guise of ‘paying respect’ to the dearly departed, he went over to the body, brought out his phone and recorded himself smacking the body mercilessly as a sign of allegiance to his gang, needless to say to the surprise of the bereaving family and friends.

The last time I checked I don’t think I have ever seen a lion or a sheep carrying out such a despicable act on its kind. I have heard terrible things in my life but this really hits a new low for me, we can go back in history on the atrocities than man carried out on their own kind with no remorse. From Slavery to Holocaust even as recently as the Rwanda genocide and killings in Syria.

It is not just on the war front that we see such cruel acts, if anything it permeates more economically. No one gives you anything without a price to pay or expecting something in return, not even your parents. The banks would heartlessly ruin you if you dare come short on any agreement in place, they used a fancy phrase for it; it’s business.

Then we move on to pigment. Have you ever heard of a dog despising or barking at another dog just because they have different fur color? 

Welcome to the world of human beings where the ‘wrong’ skin color, ‘wrong’ surname and the ‘wrong’ zip or postal code could cost you your livelihood or your life in worst case scenario.

In a world where humans will not hesitate to blow up him or herself as long as they take the lives of innocent children with them all because of the dogmatic ideology that their beliefs are more superior is mind numbing.

What about everyday occurrence that sometimes make you wonder if God really exist; Men sodomizing and molesting you babies, committing adultery with your ‘best friend’s‘ husband vice versa, deliberate attempt to thwart your progress for because they just don’t want to see you grow.

These and more are the reasons for my answer. Your thought below.

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