Blog 76: The Worst Response to Discrimination At A Luxury Store.

If you are into Hip Hop or the new age pop culture, you must know the name Tory Lanez, he is a Canadian superstar who has successfully cracked the United States but as the saying goes ‘you can take a man out of the ghetto but you can’t take the ghetto out of the man’

So over the weekend, Tory Lanez stopped by the ultra high end store Holt Renfrew based in Canada where it is not uncommon to see a $2,000 Tom Ford Brogues shoes on display.

Although there are no excuses for treating customers differently regardless of who they are, It is obvious that all the caucasian staff had no idea who he was.

They were perhaps used to the well dressed, well heeled clients and for those who know Tory Lanez, he is always dressed as he pleased, too relaxed if you asked me.

As it turned out, the staff immediately discriminated on him thinking he could not afford the store, from personal experience it could be from of a security guard following you everywhere you to the attendant looking down on you and not answering question or willing to be of any help.

Then all of a sudden the ‘Niggatory switch’ turned on in Tory Lanez’s mind and instead of him walking out of the store like any grown up would or if he really wanted to be petty, show them your money or you black American Express to prove you can afford anything and walk out he spent $35,000 on the spot to prove a point.

Prove what exactly?

I don’t have the answer to that question myself, if supporting the store that discriminated against you with your hard earned money is what you call ‘proving a point’ then Mr Lanez is dumber than I thought.

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