Blog 76: They Are Poor But Very Happy!

How Can We Be So Sure?


They say Ignorance is bliss and I don’t mean this in a disrespectful way, what I am trying to get across in layman’s term is nobody will target or kill you for what you don’t know but for what you DO know, the more you know the greater the target you are.

Same rules apply for the HAVES, the more you have the more insecure you will be but we are here to focus on the poor. Are they really happy poor or they just accepted their surroundings and make do with the little they have?

You can also put it as they are content with what they have which is something rare in the western world but to be honest what are they to do when poverty is all they know since birth, you don’t expect these beautiful people to resent everyone they see because of their circumstance, do you?  The crazy thing is most of them don’t know they are poor because it is the way of life everywhere unlike our insatiable kids here who think they are poor just because they live in welfare housing or can’t afford a pair of Jordans like their peers.

I really think the adage ‘Poor But Happy’ has become a proverb thrown around lightly to allude or promote that is okay not to have much as long as you are happy.

Hell No!!

Circumstances beyond your control is understandable hence you see these beautiful faces in spite of their environment they smile. The only true way to test if they are poor and happy is to give them a taste of the other side, then let them decide if they are happier to return living in squalor or in a cleaner environment, I can assure you the former won’t be an option.

It really does break my heart to see kids living in such terrible setting that they may likely never get out of and in my opinion say saying they are poor and happy is axiomatic but a little condescending knowing full well these people shooting these videos or making all these slogans live in big houses in the suburb perhaps drive fancy cars, you will be hard pressed to find someone in similar condition showing off how poor and happy they are.

As we can all agree poverty is rife all over the world but there are levels to it like anything else so just because a child play football (soccer) barefooted in the slum and gets really excited when he scores don’t make him poor and ‘happy’, that child would very much prefer to have a pair of cleats playing on a nice turf but what is he or she to do? Cry or whinge?
If the whinging is going to get him out of the slums be rest assured the would do just that everyday but they accepted their fate and played with every gusto which is admirable.

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