Blog 76: This Is 2017, Not Jim Crow Era Of Racial Segregation.

In a way I like the fact that this came to light mainly because it shows that the younger generation and generations to come are breaking down racial barriers.

When people say racism is not in existence anymore I think they are correct to some point but not all the way correct.

My reasons for saying they are somewhat correct is back in 1960s, this young man would have been lynched and killed just for standing next to the white girl.

Today, some people (like the girl’s father as you are about to find out) still don’t like the sight of this cute couple, the sheer thought of inter-racial relationships don’t sit well with a lot of people especially the older folks but all they can do is moan and seeth in disgust, albeit some still go to the extreme but nothing like how our ancestors had it.

The ramifications to utter your thoughts publically is way too severe. Some may argue it is more dangerous if these racists don’t voice their opinion in public but to each is own.

I think it can only get better if we continue to have young people like Anna Hayes who stood for what she believed in regardless of what her racist father thinks of her prom date Philip Freeman.

Anna or someone close to the couple allegedly leaked graphic text messages between her and her father about Ms Hayes prom date of choice, a black young man.

If in 2017, you can think of another human being as ‘sub human’ just because of he or she has a different skin colour goes to show why people who think racism is not in existence anymore are not all the way correct on the other hand.

I really hope posterity would see beyond colour which is the only way humanity can get better. The fact that you are of ethnic minority still have job and loan applications rejected, promotion denied even if you have to work ten times harder to prove yourself in comparison to our caucasian brothers. It is all so true but at least we have liberty now, something that was not possible 40 years ago.

Freedom is the main goal and with the help of coming together we can achieve just that. First we must see beyond colour.

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