Blog 76: Top 5 Most Influential Quotes By Historical Figures To Walk This Earth Since Jesus & Mohammad

Number 5

He had a simple theory on his time served on earth which was based on ‘simplicity’. His first cordless Apple-1 computer did poorly in 1976 because at the time all the computers had a power cable and switches, he thought those cords were a hassle, fast forward 40 years later we now have mobile ‘everything’. An idea deemed not possible when Blackberry was king of smart phones, Mr Jobs launched the Iphone 1 in ’06/’07, touch screen and an internet communicator. A novelty that instantly resonated well with consumers and a trend in technology was set that will forever be embedded in our lives. Thanks to this man’s ‘simple ideas’ apple’s third quarter revenue for June 2016 rose to $42.9bn


Number 4

This man had to be number 4. What Steve Jobs did for the technology he did for humanity (especially his people) with 3 things: His pen, microphone and the guitar. You think his song ‘One Love’ is just a good song right? Check this, those 2 words sells most resorts and hotels in Jamaica, in most hotels that I saw in my last visit, those two words were printed on the back of their uniform.

What he did for his people and the people of Zimbabwe is not blogs, you just have to watch for yourself or better yet visit his resting place, Nine Mile.

On My Journey to Nine Mile, I learnt an indelible lesson that great people are born not made. How in the world can someone from that forest of thick woods at the top of the hills (with breathtaking views) in the 1950s make it that huge still remains a mystery and a big inspiration to me.

Number 3

MLK takes our third place for his tenacious beliefs in helping to bring the right to vote to fruition amognst other struggles he faced for the rights of black people. Having visited his mausoleum in Atlanta Georgia, I must say categorically that it is a place every black man or woman should visit to learn more about his story that will never be seen in mainstream media. Ebenezer Baptist church (original building) where he was the pastor is across, we had our Easter service there which was a very moving experience.


Number 2

 Those words says it all!! The one thing that that struck me about Madiba was for what he and his family went through he could have very easily came out of prison and gave every white person in South Africa the exodus treatment but instead he loved them even more, now if that is not love i don’t know what is.

Citing the book Things Fall Apart  by the legendary Nigerian author Chinua Achebe as one of his ‘escape from the prison walls’ Madiba impact in the lives of black people around the world and South Africa in particular can only be surpassed by the number one on our list.


Number 1

After Jesus and Mohammad (if you believe in religion) based on their service to others and mankind is Mahatma Ghandi in my books.

There’s not enough space on blogs, i will be posting a separate blog for this.




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