Blog 76: Top 5 Things People Do Or Possess That Irks The Life Out Of Me

What Annoys You The Most In People?

This area is quite subjective for a lot of us because what is annoying for me maybe perfectly normal to you, however we can all come to a conclusion that there are certain things that we just can’t turn a blind eye. Since we don’t have half the nerves as Donald Trump we can’t go approaching people to tell them our piece of mind hence we try to articulate to the best of our ability and in turn we will like to hear from you what your top 5 are.

So without further ado, please see my top 5 most annoying things people either do or possess that  I am sick of.

Number 5- Body Odor

You are not dead yet and you stink my dude? Really though? I can understand if you have the medical condition called bromhidrosis which is linked to body odour as halitosis is to bad breath but when you are a hale and hearty young man or woman and you can’t take your time to clean up, that is a problem for me.

How much does it really cost to get a deodorant or to get a shower gel and how hard is it to get in the shower? It has always been a stipulation of mine not to ever date a woman than don’t smell good, it costs less than $15 to get a perfume these days, if you can’t go to those length you are not worth my time. No matter how pretty and well mannered you are as a grown woman if you show up not smelling good, you won’t score more than 70.

Number 4- Confirmation Bias

Okay, this needs a little finessing. First of all what is confirmation bias? For those of you who know get what I am saying here just by looking at the picture and for those of you who don’t it is the interpretation of new evidence as confirmation of other’s existing beliefs, true or false.

Just because Michael Jackson was accused of child molestation case automatically makes him a pedophile. A perfect example was during Trump’s inauguration, a 13 (no more than 16) year old girl was asked why was she at the women march against Trump, the young lady’s answer was because Trump is a racist and hate women.

Okay her opinion is valid but really young lady?

You grand mother probably didn’t experience racism how did you come to that conclusion? Racism as I have come to understand through research is more power base and not just someone spewing invective i.e if you called me Ni***r as a black man shows me how ignorant of a person you are, depending on the connotation behind it I can decide to take it further or let it slide because sometimes it might be the spur of the moment but you don’t have the power to deny me anything as a black man, I still go where I want, shop where I want and marry whatever race I chose. Something that was so not possible when we had overt racism which is not to say we don’t face injustice anymore but it is so quick to pull out the card by means of confirmation bias.

Number 3- Throwing Saliva  (Spitting)

I am pretty sure that you have seen someone walking down the street and all of a sudden…. right there on the street and kept going about their business, how disgusting can anyone be? In some cases if you enter into an an argument and the next thing they spit right in your face.

I don’t need to dwell on number 3, it speaks for itself.

Number 2- Soliciting Unnecessary Attention On Any Platform


I can’t say this enough but what in the world does my beautiful queen think she is doing?
We are not in the judging business but somethings you just don’t do when you are over 23 and as we discussed on our previous blog fame is pandemic and have caused seekers to resort into desperate means to keep them trending, I don’t know about you but this pursuit of fame makes me cringe. It is okay if you were bringing something like a talent to the table.

  Number 1- Making Excuses For Dumb Things


Especially leaked sex tape. What on earth was a camera doing in the privacy of your bedroom in the first place? In the world of today where crooks hack pretty much anything what makes you think it can’t happen to you?

Even if you do not save your footage online, your hard copy could very possibly go missing one day and when it surface to the public out come the excuses. This is one fetish I really hope people refrain from as much as possible unless you want to be a porn star then by all means do you but there’s no such thing as ‘it is private property‘, ‘I was young and naive’ or ‘it was done in our privacy‘ once that clip hit the streets. That consequence is all you.

Please leave a comment to let us know your top five.

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