Blog 76: Top 5 Wealthiest and Most Ruthless Drug Dealers Of All Time.

If you are into drug and crime related movies like myself and have not yet seen Brian de Palma’s 1983 Scarface starring Al Pacino,
you probably will not comprehend when I say these five drug lords did it better or worse than Tony Montana.  
We think of movies as fictional at times which is quite possibly true in most cases but there are some reality so far fetched, even Hollywood find it difficult to mirror.

This is by no means an avenue to glorify or gloat about the ill gotten gains but one thing is certain, anyone who has the audacity to carry out such strategic operations on major international levels is mesmerizing to me.

Lives have been ruined or lost as in drug related offences for this reason I condemn the causes however minute the participation.

After a few weeks of research of trying to ascertain who the Hall of Famers are in this business, I was shocked when I found out who took number one spot. 

# 5 Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman

El Chapo is a Mexican drug lord and the head of the Sinaloa cartel that controls 60% of the mexican drug trade.

His yearly earnings was alleged to be around $3 billion annually.

He broke out of mexican prison twice before been extradited to the U.S in January 2017.

# 4 Khun Sa

Khun Sa was a Burmese warlord and a drug dealer. His area of specialty was heroin.

in the 70s up to the late 80s, 90% of the heroin in New York was supplied by this man. His drug stash which earned him a personal fortune of $5 billion was the biggest the world had seen at the time.

In 1988 he publicly made an offer made an offer to sell his drug empire to Australia and U.S government for a measly $400 million.

The offer was declined. He died of natural causes in 2007.

# 3 Carlos Lehder

Co-founder of the Medellin cartel and once a personal friend of the erstwhile Panama president, the notorious Manuel Antonio Noriega, Carlos Lehder is an exemplar of what a major player is in the drug business.

In the height of his game, he bought all the properties in a Bahamian Island known as Norman’s Cay, running all the previous residents out.

Unlike minor drug traffickers that use houses and neighbourhoods, Lehder needed an Island to produce and distribute tons of cocaine all over the world.

A Nazi affiliate and admirer of Adolf Hitler, Ledher made as much as $3 billion in personal asset alone, his organisation was worth ten time that.

# 2 Pablo Escobar

There is nothing that I can say that hasn’t been said already either in books or movies about El Padrino, El Jefe and El Patron of cocaine. Most men will cower in the presence of the overlord of the Medellin cartel Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria.

At the time of his death in 1993, he was worth an estimated $30 billion. Watch his documentary to understand just how ‘benevolent’, ruthless and well clouted he was.

#1 Griselda Blanco

Also known as La Madrina (The godmother) or the black widow, Griselda Blanco introduced Pablo Escobar to cocaine trafficking when he was just a petty car thief.

She was the first billionaire in the drug business and by far the most ruthless.

It is recorded that she ordered the killings of at least 250 people including two of her previous husbands and kids as young as 4 years old.

Where the standard underworld rule states ‘no women, no kids’, that does not apply to La Madrina.

She turned Miami into a bloodbath in the 70s & 80s most notably the Dadeland shopping mall shooting in 1979 which resulted in the famous Cocaine Cowboys documentary.

She was so out of control that her former protege Pablo Escobar put a $2 million bounty to have her killed because she was bad for business.

There are many documentary about her but the most reliable is this one made by her last known boyfriend Charles Cosby and her chief hitman Rivi Ayala. 

She was so well feared by all and respected by few, even Jay Z paid a visit to the godmother.

She was shot twice in the head outside a Colombia butcher shop in 2012.


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