Blog 76: Transgender Kids.

Maybe I Am Too Naive To Understand

This is nothing against the LGBTQ community as I have a lot of respect and admiration for people who embrace themselves, I believe our differences are what make the world such a beautiful and interesting place but the idea of kids as young as 5 years old coming out as transgender is a little confusing in my eyes.

Since Trump recently revoked the transgender protection that instructs schools and perhaps other institution to allow gender specific bathrooms and locker rooms, protesters surfaced carrying placards like ‘protect TRANS KIDS’ and I thought to myself does a 5 year old know what he or she wants let alone what gender they are most comfortable in?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, transgender is a person whose sense of personal identity and gender does not correspond with their birth sex. Most kids I know are what they are, KIDS! 

If they have an IQ that high to denote that they were born in the wrong body as little as 4 years old then probably they should be tested to see if they can do more by age 10, like becoming a surgeon perhaps.


News Nightly did a little story on this subject about a year ago and allegedly one of the indication of transgender traits at such a young age is when the boy or girl say they want to be the opposite sex. I am none the wiser but this reasons is not very convincing for me as I have experienced kids at that age talk a lot of trash and to think they understand what they are talking about most of the time can be a little naive let alone holding them ‘accountable’.

When you are old enough to make up your mind about what you are and where your comfort lie is a different subject matter, making your mind up as a kid raise questions if they were truly born that way or could it be something picked up or possibly instilled by the constant exposure due to free press? My son wanted to be spider man so badly that he had everyone calling him spider man at one point, does that mean we should identify with that and take him literally? 

I would really love to have a civil discourse with a child psychologist about how this idea of Trans Kids unraveled and ask a few questions I need clarity to, perhaps I can really learn a thing or two.

Your Thoughts.

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