Blog 76: Was He Right to Visit Donald Trump After His Campaign For Hilary?

Steve Harvey Visits President Elect Trump


Was Steve Harvey right in visiting president elect Trump and are black people justified for for the punitive measures meted our to Mr Harvey?

The Steve Harvey morning show, my favorite morning show in the world. I have never missed a morning without tuning in since 2008 even if I am on vacation, I know the time difference and no matter where I am in the world, it is unmissable. That simple.

He is one of the inspirations that made me ‘Jump’ (for those who follow Steve Harvey know what I am talking about when I use the word ‘Jump’) and his 10 minutes inspiration before the show starts is the best booster anyone needs to start their day. Nephew Tommy, Pimpin’, Sister Odell, Carla, Shirley Strawberry (Strawberry Letter 23), his gorgeous wife Majorie, I know all the characters and all his staff on his radio show albeit not personally plus I am not American neither do I live in America I might add, that’s how I revere his teachings and boy oh boy, can he dress his behind off?

 However was he right to visit Trump? Yes, I think he was justified to because in my heart I think he means well for the people and visiting the president elect to find a way forward seem the plausible thing to do.

Now this is where it gets confusing, Was it right for his people and followers to turn on him the way they did because he visited Trump?

Absolutely! 100% YES! Why you may ask?

You have absolutely no idea what he said about Donald J Trump when he (SH) was campaigning for Hilary. He crucified the President elect and used everything within his might including his platform to denounce Trump in favor of Hilary. In Hindsight he probably won’t say a lot of the things he said and as everyone is entitled to freedom of speech I have no problem with that but when you have a platform you really have to be wary of what you say.

On one of the morning shows, a Trump supporter called to ask the platform see reasons and give Trump a chance should he win, Steve handed the caller to the lady that does the news update (forgotten her name) and she eloquently eviscerated the caller with alleged facts of what the president elect did or didn’t do, the caller was so numb that after the news lady was done, she (the caller) thought she was listening to an automated voice message, that was how politely meticulous the news lady devoured the caller.

Mr Harvey also said in one of the morning shows about how he allegedly has info on the inside dealings of how the rich operate and that they do not care about anyone else but ‘the rich’, also how he tried to get into an elite circle that Trump was affiliated and he got shut out, he also claimed he was trying to get his money up and it will only take time before he gets accepted and since he (Steve Harvey) is worth excess of $100m, who are we not to believe him?

Now how are you going to turn around and explain the visit to your audience that Donald Trump is not that bad? You think the Ms Universe debacle was bad?

For me I see the bigger picture hence it’s not going to stop me from listening to the morning show but not everyone is like me which must be respected, he will be seen as a traitor and a hypocrite which is justified. He should have turned down Obama’s alleged advice to meet with Mr Trump not because it was the right thing to do but out of the sheer respect he owed to his supporters who he help riled vitriol against president Trump.

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